sea level rising
Sea level rise
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Plan B "Polar solution" project
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With technology, we can solve the sea level rise serious problem
A completely ecological solution replicating natural mechanisms

Affected areas :

Countries :
Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Bangladesh, Northern Germany,
Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, India, Burma, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines,
United States (especially Florida), Brazil, etc.

sea level rise in florida
Sea level rise in Florida

Coastal cities :
Three quarters of megacities in the world are located in the seaside.
Among the most endangered cities :
Venice, Rotterdam, Hamburg, London, Amsterdam, St Petersburg,
Vancouver, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Seattle, Los Angeles,
Buenos Aires, Recife,
Alexandria, Tunis, Lagos, Cape Town,
Bangkok, Bombay, Calcutta, Dhaka, Hanoi, Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Jakarta, etc.

New York

The ports :
All ports are concerned, because they are by definition near the sea, they will be unusable without very big works.
Historically large cities and capitals are often ports, so at the seaside : Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Lisbon, Tunis, Alger, Rabat, Tripoli, etc.

Sydney port
Sydney Port

Low islands :
Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Marshall islands, Palau, Seychelles, Maldives, etc.


Deltas :
Rhône delta (Camargue), Danube Delta, Nile Delta, etc.


Seaside resorts :
All seaside resorts will be affected, because there will be no more beach.


Beaches :
Beaches are shrinking year by year, this is already visible.
It is not possible to dam beaches.   Put a seawall on a beach is a nonsense : either there is a beach, either there is a seawall, we cannot have both.
So beaches will disappear.
This is what we already see on the french Mediterranean coast.
These beaches have dramatically decreased in width, despite the regular sand reloading.


Sea level rise increases consequences of storms and hurricanes.
With a higher sea level, effects of a simple storm will become severe.
Moreover, because of ocean acidification, corals will protect less atolls.

Coastal areas are the most densely populated areas.
About 50% of humanity lives near an ocean or a sea.

Among notable facts :
- Half of Bangladeshi land is below an altitude of 1 meter.
- More than a quarter of Netherlands is below sea level.
- Some islands are threatened with total disappearance by marine submersion.
- At Alexandria, 2 million people are expected to abandon their homes if the sea rises by 50 cm.